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Evolution of Froakie (KTCG)

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The {{TCG|Half deck|Half Deck}} contains a 30 card deck featuring two [[Holofoil]] cards ({{p|Greninja}} and {{p|Froakie}}), a rulebook, {{DL|Glossary (TCG)|Damage|damage counters}}, {{TCG|Special Conditions|status counters}}, a {{TCG|Coin|custom coin}}, {{DL|Glossary (TCG)|Field|playmat}}, and a preview for the {{TCG|Collection X/Collection Y|first XY expansion}} released in Korea roughly two weeks later.
==CardDeck listslist==
{{halfdecklist/header|title=Evolution of Froakie Half Deck|type=Water|symbol=no}}
{{halfdecklist/entry|011/036|{{TCG ID|Evolution of Froakie|Panpour|11}}|Water||1}}