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POP Series 9 (TCG)

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Card list
*The uncommon card {{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Lopunny|9}} has a holo version that came in the Arceus Blister pack.
==CardSet list==
[[File:TCG POP9 Booster.jpg|180px|thumb|right|Booster pack]]
{{Setlist/header|title=POP Series 9|tablecol=C19E26|bordercol=8A6606|cellcol=E1BC63|rarity=yes|symbol=yes|image=SetSymbolPOP Series 9.png}}
{{Setlist/entry|1/17|{{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Garchomp|1}}|Colorless||Rare}}
{{Setlist/entry|17/17|{{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Turtwig|17}}|Grass||Common}}
==Pack artwork==
|image1=TCG POP9 Booster.jpg
|caption1=Garchomp Pack}}
{{Project TCG notice}}
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