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There are a few other younger girls who Brock fell for (i.e. Solana).
'''Giselle''' (Japanese: '''優藤 聖代''' ''Seiyo Yūtō'') is a schoolstudent girl who attends a school called theof [[Pokémon Tech|Pokémon Technical Institute]] which is located somewhere between [[Cerulean City]] and [[Vermilion City]]. She is a [[character of the day]] in ''[[EP009|The School of Hard Knocks]]''. She also appears in ''[[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]]'' {{pkmn|manga}}.
==In the anime==
[[File:Giselle.png|right|thumb|175px|Giselle in the anime]]
In ''[[EP009|The School of Hard Knocks]]'' {{Ash}},the {{anpkmn|Mistyanime}}, andGiselle {{an|Brock}} metis a schoolboy[[character namedof {{ka|Joe}}the day]] who attendedappeared ain ''[[Pokémon Trainer'sEP009|The School]] calledof [[PokémonHard TechKnocks]]. Apparently, upperclassmen at the school were bullying younger or less experienced students under the guise of "tutoring". The one responsible for this was Giselle, a pretty, popular, and highly experienced student''.
Later on, Giselle showed up initially to confrontconfronted and belittlebelittled {{ka|Joe}} after a recent loss against {{an|Misty}}. During her talk with Joe, it became apparent that Giselle is actually a very mean person thatbully particularlywho cared very little for young, inexperienced Trainers. Misty, angryangrily atchallenged Giselle andto hera stuck-up attitude{{pkmn|battle}}, challengedto herwhich tothe alatter [[Pokémonagreed battle]]to. Giselle defeated [[Misty's Starmie]] with a {{p|Graveler}}, despite the type disadvantage. After taunting the young [[Gym Leader]], Giselle then started to lecture her fellow students.
Now {{Ash}} got angry and argued that [[Pokémon training]] was more than types and levels - one needs to be friends with them, too. Giselle laughed haughtily and called Ash a beginner. She teased him about having been on a journey for two months and only having two [[Badge]]s and three {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. She then proceeded to note that Pikachu are an awful choice for a [[starter Pokémon|first Pokémon]], and that they're more fitting as pets for little girls. Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} were extremely insulted and angered, and challenged Giselle to a battle.
Giselle used a {{p|Cubone}}. Without being able to use {{type|Electric}} moves, Ash told Pikachu to fight back in any way it could. Pikachu then began to attack Cubone with a series of random physical attacks such as biting and scratching. Eventually, Pikachu covered Cubone's eyes with its own skull helmet and Cubone ended up knocking itself out with its own {{m|Bonemerang}} attack. Giselle was shocked by the defeat and admitted that people can't learn through books alone.
This listing is of Giselle's Pokémon in the {{pkmn|anime}}:
|epname=The School of Hard Knocks
|vaen=Carter Cathcart{{!}}Jimmy Zoppi
|desc=After mocking [[Ash's Pikachu]], Giselle chose {{p|Cubone}} to battle it, saying it would be "more than Pikachu's match". Pikachu's {{t|Electric}} attacks failed to hurt the {{type|Ground}} Pokémon, and it used {{m|Leer}}. Pikachu responded by staring Cubone down, but Cubone used {{m|Bone Club}} and {{m|Bonemerang}}. Eventually Pikachu covered Cubone's eyes with its own skull helmet and Cubone ended up knocking itself out with its own attack.
Cubone's known moves are {{m|Leer}}, {{m|Bone Club}}, and {{m|Bonemerang}}.}}
==In the manga==
[[File:Joe Giselle EToP.png|thumb|250px|Giselle in the manga]]
===In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga===
Giselle makes a few appearances in [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]] {{pkmn|manga}}. She first appears in ''[[ET03|Clefairy Tale]]'', where she is shown traveling through [[Kanto]] and catching high-rank Pokémon.
Later, she and {{ka|Joe}} attend a performance by [[Duplica]] and her {{p|Ditto}} in ''[[ET07|Pikachu's Excellent Adventure]]''.
{{right clear}}
==In the games==
A Trainer based on Giselle appears in {{game|Yellow}}; a {{tc|Picnicker|Jr. Trainer♀}} with a Cubone is on {{rt|6|Kanto}}, which, like Pokémon Tech in the anime, is between [[Cerulean City]] and [[Vermilion City]]. She is seen talking to a [[Joe (Kanto)|Jr. Trainer♂]] with a {{p|Weepinbell}}.
* Giselle, to date, is the only female that Ash has found attractive enough to abandon his usual indifference towards [[Shipping|romance]]. Some might argue that some other characters have made him feel [[Shipping|this way]], but so far Giselle is the only inarguable one thus far.
* Giselle was also the only girl younger than Brock that he found attractive during the entire series.
* Giselle is one of the few characters in the anime whose Japanese name isn't spelled using {{wp|katakana}}. Instead, it is spelled in {{wp|kanji}}.
* Giselle is one of the few characters to have a surname in the Japanese version.
* Giselle seemsappears to be loosely based on thea {{tc|Lass}} Trainerfrom the [[Generation I]] classgames.
| 優等 is from 優等生 ''yūtōsei''. 驕子 means ''arrogant child''.
{{Electric Tale of Pikachu characters}}