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==In the anime==
[[File:Drake anime.png|thumb|left250px|Drake in the anime]]
Drake is the only member of the Hoenn Elite Four to have appeared in the anime. His only anime appearance was inepisode ''[[AG101|Vanity Affair]]''.
Drake is a ship captain, and has an entire crew under his command. His first-mate is [[Fitzwilliam]]. After witnessing {{Ash}} and his {{AP|Torkoal}} defeating another Trainer's {{p|Scizor}}, Drake meets Ash and {{ashfr}} at a restaurant and invites them to his ship. Once on board, [[Max]] asks Drake to show them his Pokémon, and Drake invites Ash to have a Pokémon battle with him instead. Drake wins the match easily, helping Ash realize that he had been overconfident recently. When {{TRT}} tries to steal {{AP|Pikachu}} again after the battle, Drake blasts them off with his {{p|Salamence}}.
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