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Appendix:Platinum walkthrough/Section 6

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Eterna Forest
{{itemlist|Ether|On the right side of the [[Old Chateau]] (requires {{m|Cut}})|Pt=yes|display={{DL|Ether|Ether}}}}
{{itemlist|Insect Plate|In the wall on the right side of the [[Old Chateau]] (requires {{m|Cut}}) ''(hidden)''|Pt=yes|display={{DL|Plate|Insect Plate}}}}
{{itemlist|Soothe Bell|Given by Cheryl when the exit is found|Pt=yes|display={{DL|Out of battle effect item|Soothe Bell}}}}
The most direct route from the southern exit to the northern exit is as follows: travel northeast from the entrance, through the [[tall grass]], and then directly north, following the path between a Lass and a Bug Catcher. Then, continue east a short way to the trees and then south to a large patch of tall grass. From there, continue east until the eastern wall is reached. A considerable distance north of there is the exit, around a small rock ledge. However, you may (and should) choose to deviate from this route, as there are a lot of items and Trainers to be found in Eterna Forest. Once you reach the northern exit, Cheryl will leave. Upon leaving, Cheryl will give you the Soothe Bell as a gift. Additionally, the Old Chateau (where {{hm|01|Cut}} is necessary to clear the trees blocking it) is near the exit. You'll be coming back here later.
==Route 205 (Part 2)==