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== Moves/splits ==
I didn't notice at first, but it appears you informally split [[Eyecatch]] to [[Location preview]], and it seems you also used {{u|SatoMew2}}'s [[User:SatoMew2/Location preview|Location preview]] and [[User:SatoMew2/Eyecatch|Eyecatch]] user pages in doing so. It also looks like you largely took [[Red's Charizard]] from [[User:Hikaru Wazana/Red's Charizard]].
On the one hand, if such user pages exist, instead of creating a new article and just copying the page code into it, the existing user page should be moved. (Since Eyecatch already exists, in that case it's probably okay to just copy the user page code into the existing page and save it.) When you do not do this, at the very least, you have effectively "orphaned" those user pages from their intended purpose, without anyone necessarily being the wiser.
On the other hand, splits and moves and such are generally left to staff. They are also meant to be something of a community decision, unless the issue is ''very'' cut and dried. At the very least, if you intend to take such a decision into your own hands, you should probably leave a comment on the talk page as to your intention (and then perhaps wait for a day or two) before taking action.
Do note that I am not a staff member. But I would ask you to at least heed my advice on moving existing pages instead of copying them to a new location. Thanks. [[User:Tiddlywinks|Tiddlywinks]] ([[User talk:Tiddlywinks|talk]]) 16:51, 1 January 2015 (UTC)