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Drought (Ability)

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===In battle===
====GenerationGenerations III- to V====
Drought summons {{weather|sun}}light in battle as soon as a Pokémon with Drought enters the battle. Its effects almost are the same as the move {{m|Sunny Day}}'s; the only difference is, thatbut instead of lasting for fivea limited amount of turns, it lasts for the whole battle until(unless ait differentis weatherreplaced conditionby replacesanother itweather condition). If a Pokémon with Drought is sent out in the same turn as another Pokémon whose Ability createsaffects a differentthe weather condition, the slower Pokémon's Ability will override the faster Pokémon's Ability.
====Generation VI====
In Generation VI, theThe sunlight willnow lastlasts only for five turns instead. This can be extended to eight turns if the Pokémon is holding a [[Heat Rock]].
===Outside of battle===