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==Opening animations==
[[File:Pokémon Sunday logo variant 1.jpgpng|right|thumb|Variant 1]]
[[File:Pokémon Sunday logo variant 2.jpgpng|right|thumb|Variant 2]]
[[File:Pokémon Sunday logo variant 3.jpgpng|right|thumb|Variant 3]]
The original opening animation was about 24 seconds long and only lasted a few episodes. It featured {{Ash}} throwing a [[Poké Ball]] which would then transition into two film strips showing episode clips. {{p|Pikachu}} stands on the horizontal film strip with pom-poms and acts like a cheerleader. {{p|Plusle}} and {{p|Minun}} then replace the cheerleading {{p|Pikachu}}. It then transitions to clouds and the Pokémon Sunday logo.