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Hoenn Route 126

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'''Route 126''' (Japanese: '''126ばんすいどう''' ''Water Route 126'') is a [[water route]] in eastern [[Hoenn]], connecting {{rt|124|Hoenn}} and {{rt|127|Hoenn}}. The route encircles [[Sootopolis City]], a city built in the interior of an inactive volcanic island.
'''Route 126''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|126番水道|126ばんすいどう}}''' ''Water Route 126'') is a [[water route]] in eastern [[Hoenn]], connecting {{rt|124|Hoenn}}, {{rt|127|Hoenn}}, and [[Secret Islet]]{{sup/6|ORAS}}. The route encircles [[Sootopolis City]], a city built in the interior of an inactive volcanic island{{sup/3|RSE}}/meteorite impact crater{{sup/6|ORAS}}.
==Route description==
[[File:Hoenn Route 126 underwater RSE.png|thumb|left|200px|The [[underwater]] area of the route.]]Heading clockwise from the northernmost point on the route, Route 126 proceeds east, meeting the southern terminus of Route 124 after a short distance. Southeast of this point, the route intersects a channel that leads to Route 127. Directly west of the middle of the channel is a {{tc|Swimmer}}, one of three on the route. To the southwest, near the base of the volcano, is the second Swimmer. The third Swimmer is in the westernmost area of the route, accessible only by utilizing the network of underwater pathways.
An additional five Trainers were added to the route in {{game|Emerald}}.
In {{pkmn|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}, the [[Mirage spot]] [[Nameless Cavern]] can be seen in the northeast of the route.
Apart from the small sandbar which the player can land by {{m|Fly}}ing orAll [[soaringitem]]s hereon inRoute [[Pokémon126 Omegacan Rubyonly andbe Alpha Sapphire]]accessed andwith the smalluse bank accessible from [[Secret Islet]] (which both contain no items), Route 126 cannot be accessed withoutof {{m|Surf}}, so all items located here require Surf to obtain.
{{Itemlist|Green Shard|Northwest corner of the route, accessible through an underwater passage on Route {{rt|124|Hoenn}} (requires {{m|Dive}})|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|E=yes|display={{DL|Shard|Green Shard}}}}
{{Itemlist|Green Shard|In the island in the far northwest of the route, accessed by surfacing fromusing the westernnorthern surface{{m|Dive}} spot ofin the main underwater area accessedand fromfollowing the surfacingsubsequent frompath theto northernits surface spot of the main underwater areaend (requires {{m|Dive}})|OR=yes|AS=yes|display={{DL|Shard|Green Shard}}}}
All items found [[underwater]] necessarily require {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Dive}} due to these being required to go underwater.
{{Itemlist|Ultra Ball|NearIn the central northern {{m|Dive}}dark areasspot ''(hidden)''|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|E=yes|display={{ball|Ultra}}}}
{{Itemlist|StardustHeart Scale|In the northeastnorthwest patchdark of seaweedspot ''(hidden)''|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|E=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Stardust}}}}
{{Itemlist|Stardust|In the westernmostnortheast emptydark tile among the seaweed just west of the entrance to Sootopolisspot ''(hidden)''|ORRu=yes|ASSa=yes|displayE={{DL|Valuable item|Stardust}}yes}}
{{Itemlist|HeartYellow ScaleShard|In a dark spot in the northwestmiddle of a small patch of seaweed to the far west ''(hidden)''|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|E=yes|display={{DL|Exchangeable item|Heart Scale}}}}
{{Itemlist|Heart ScalePearl|In the easternmost empty patch among the seaweed in the northern underwater area, accessed from the northerna Divedark spot in the areamiddle accessedof bya surfacingsmall frompatch theof northernseaweed surface spot ofto the mainfar underwater areawest ''(hidden)''|ORRu=yes|ASSa=yes|E=yes|display={{DLi|Exchangeable item|Heart ScalePearl}}}}
{{Itemlist|Yellow ShardIron|In a dark spot in the middle of a small patch of seaweed to the far west ''(hidden)''|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|E=yes|display={{DL|Shard|Yellow Shard}}}}
{{Itemlist|YellowBig ShardPearl|In the emptysoutheast 2×2dark squarespot among the seaweed southeast of the Sootopolis crater, beneath a school of Luvdisc ''(hidden)''|ORRu=yes|ASSa=yes|displayE={{DL|Shard|Yellow Shard}}yes}}
{{Itemlist|PearlBlue Shard|In the middlebare ofsquare aamong small patch ofthe seaweed toin the farvery westsouthwest ''(hidden)''|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|E=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Pearl}}}}
{{Itemlist|PearlUltra Ball|In the emptynorthern 2×2area—accessed squareby amongusing the seaweednorthern southwest{{m|Dive}} spot in the main underwater area and then using the next {{m|Dive}} spot to the north to return underwater—in the western end of the Sootopolisarea, cratertwo tiles away from the south wall and approximately midway between the walls to either side ''(hidden)''|OR=yes|AS=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Pearl}}}}
{{Itemlist|IronHeart Scale|In the northern area—accessed by using the northern {{m|Dive}} spot in the main underwater area and then using the next {{m|Dive}} spot to the north to return underwater—in the middle of athe easternmost smallbare patch of seaweedseafloor toamong the far westseaweed ''(hidden)''|RuOR=yes|SaAS=yes|E=yes|display={{DL|Vitamin|Iron}}}}
{{Itemlist|IronMind Plate|In anthe emptymain tilearea, amongto the seaweed just eastsouthwest of the entrancenorth to{{m|Dive}} Sootopolisspot, inapproximately three tiles away from the secondwest wall of the dead end closestand emptyone tile tosouth of the entrancelevel of the south wall of the corridor leading into the dead end ''(hidden)''|OR=yes|AS=yes|display={{DL|Vitamin|Iron}}}}
{{Itemlist|Big Pearl|In athe smallmain clearingarea, inamong the seaweed toon the southeastnorth side of the crater, in the middle of the westernmost bare patch of seafloor ''(hidden)''|RuOR=yes|SaAS=yes|E=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Big Pearl}}}}
{{Itemlist|BigBlue PearlShard|In the emptymain 2×2area, leftto the squarenorth amongof the seaweedwest North{{m|Dive}} tospot, on a direct line north from the Sootopolis{{m|Dive}} crater,spot's closeeastern toedge Scubaand Divershortly Tristannorth of where the rock outcrop starts ''(hidden)''|OR=yes|AS=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Big Pearl}}}}
{{Itemlist|Blue ShardPearl|In the baremain squarearea, among the small patch of seaweed on the southwest edge of the crater, in the verysoutheast southwestcorner of the bare patch of seafloor ''(hidden)''|RuOR=yes|Sa=yes|EAS=yes|display={{DLi|Shard|Blue ShardPearl}}}}
{{Itemlist|BlueYellow Shard|In the emptymain area, toamong the seaweed on the east edge of the westcrater, severalin tilesthe southwest northcorner of surfacethe spotwestern tobare reachpatch Swimmerof Nikkiseafloor ''(hidden)''|OR=yes|AS=yes|display={{DL|Shard|Blue Shard}}}}
{{Itemlist|Mind PlateStardust|UnderIn athe schoolmain of Luvdiscarea, in the northwest, in thethird centerpatch of the bulbousbare cul-de-sacseafloor southwestwest of the 2×2[[Sootopolis northernCity]] surface spot in the main underwater areaentrance ''(hidden)''|OR=yes|AS=yes|display={{DL|Plate|Mind Plate}}}}
{{Itemlist|Iron|In the main area, in the second patch of bare seafloor east of the [[Sootopolis City]] entrance ''(hidden)''|OR=yes|AS=yes}}
{{Catch/entryoras|279|Pelipper|yes|yes|Surf|25, 30, 35|35%|type1=Water|type2=Flying}}
{{Catch/div|ocean|Surfing (exclusively as {{color2|000|DexNav}}#Hidden exclusive{{tt|*Pokémon|hidden Pokémon}})<br><small>After obtainingdefeating theor Nationalcapturing Pokédex{{pcolor|Groudon|000}})/{{pcolor|Kyogre|000}}</small>}}
{{Catch/entryoras|592{{#ifexpr: ({{#time: H}} mod 2)=0||F}}|Frillish|yes|yes|Surf|30|??%|type1=Water|type2=Ghost}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Swimmer M.png|Swimmer|Barry|272|1|130|Gyarados|♂|34|36=ガクジ|37=Gakuji}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Swimmer F.png|Swimmer|Nikki|264|2|183|Marill|♀|33||363|Spheal|♀|33|36=シズエ|37=Shizue}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer F.png|Triathlete|Isobel|1360<br><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Leonardo</small>|1|120|Staryu||34|36=キヌエ|37=Kinue}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Swimmer M.png|Swimmer|Leonardo|272<br><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Isobel</small>|1|318|Carvanha|♂|34|36=カズシゲ|37=Kazushige}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer F.png|Triathlete|Isobel|1360<br><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Leonardo</small>|1|120|Staryu||34|36=キヌエ|37=Kinue}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Swimmer M.png|Swimmer|Dean|248|3|318|Carvanha|♂|31||278|Wingull|♂|31||318|Carvanha|♂|31|36=レツジ|37=Retsuji}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Swimmer F.png|Swimmer|Nikki|264|2|183|Marill|♀|33||363|Spheal|♀|33|36=シズエ|37=Shizue}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Swimmer M.png|Swimmer|Barry|272|1|130|Gyarados|♂|34|36=ガクジ|37=Gakuji}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Swimmer F.png|Swimmer|Sienna|264<br><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Pablo</small>|2|370|Luvdisc|♀|33||370|Luvdisc|♀|33|36=イクコ|37=Ikuko}}
{{trainerdiv|ocean}}{{color|FFF|Requires}} {{mcolor|Dive|FFF}}{{color|FFF|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Swimmer F.png|Swimmer|Brenda|272|1|118|Goldeen|♀|34|36=テルミ|37=Terumi}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer M.png|Triathlete|Pablo{{tt|*|First rematch}}|1480|2|120|Staryu||37||120|Staryu||37||38=Nav|36=ヤスヒロ|37=Yasuhiro}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer M.png|Triathlete|Pablo{{tt|*|Second rematch}}|1560|3|278|Wingull|♂|39||120|Staryu||39||120|Staryu||39||38=Nav|36=ヤスヒロ|37=Yasuhiro}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer M.png|Triathlete|Pablo{{tt|*|Third rematch}}|1640|3|279|Pelipper|♂|41||120|Staryu||41||120|Staryu||41||38=Nav|36=ヤスヒロ|37=Yasuhiro}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer M.png|Triathlete|Pablo{{tt|*|Fourth rematch onwards}}|1720|3|279|Pelipper|♂|43||121|Starmie||43||121|Starmie||43||38=Nav|36=ヤスヒロ|37=Yasuhiro}}
{{trainerentry|VSFree Diver.png{{!}}150px|Free Diver|Jillian|1,640|1|184|Azumarill|♀|41|36=ヨシコ|37=Yoshiko}}
{| class="roundy" style="margin:auto; background: #000; border: 3px solid #{{locationcolor/dark|ocean}}"
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! style="background:#{{locationcolor/light|ocean}}; {{roundytr|5px}}" | Underwater
! style="background:#{{ruby color}}" | {{color2|fff|Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions|Ruby}}
| rowspan="3" | [[File:Hoenn Route 126 RSE.png|200px]]
| rowspan="3" | [[File:Hoenn Route 126 underwater RSE.png|220px]]
! style="background:#{{sapphire color}}" | {{color2|fff|Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions|Sapphire}}
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! style="background:#{{omega ruby color}}" | {{color2|fff|Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire|Omega Ruby}}
| rowspan="2" | [[File:Hoenn Route 126 ORAS.png|200px]]
| rowspan="2" | [[File:Hoenn Route 126 underwater ORAS.png|200px]]
! style="background:#{{alpha sapphire color}}" | {{color2|fff|Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire|Alpha Sapphire}}
| colspan="3" style="background:#{{locationcolor/light|ocean}}; {{roundybottom|5px}}" | &nbsp;
==See also==
* [[Sootopolis City]]
* [[Underwater]]
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