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The '''Veilstone Game Corner''' (Japanese: '''トバリゲームコーナー''' ''Tobari Game Corner'') is one of the sixa Game Corners. It isCorner located in [[Veilstone City]], [[Sinnoh]].
==In the games==
In the European releases of {{game|Platinum}}, as a result of changes in the classification standards at {{wp|Pan European Game Information|PEGI}}<ref>[ European Pokemon Platinum's missing Game Corner explained | GamesRadar]</ref>, the [[slot machine]]s were replaced with [[game machine]]s, including in the English version. The dialogue and other text was also altered to remove references to the slot machines and their functionality. {{TM|64|Explosion}} is instead given away at random by the Game Corner attendant.
==InThe music played here is similar to the games==one heard in real-life {{wp|pachinko}} parlors.
{{sign|DPcity|title|Veilstone Game Corner}}
{{sign|DPcity|Aim for an Explosion of Luck!}}
;European {{v2|Platinum}}
{{sign|DPcity|title|Veilstone Game Corner}}
{{sign|DPcity|The place everyone talks about!}}
===Slot machines===
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|TM68|20000|C||TM Normal|Giga Impact}}}}
The theme played here is a {{wp|techno}} rearrangement of ''[[Pokémon FireRed & Pokémon LeafGreen: Super Music Collection|Rocket Game Corner]]''. It is also similar to the music played in real-life {{wp|pachinko}} parlors.
The Clefairy Bonus Round plays a rearrangement of ''[[Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver: Super Music Collection|Mt. Moon]]'', the theme played at the [[Mt. Moon Square]].
==In the manga==