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They hurry to catch the tram that takes them through the [[Great Marsh]]. When they arrive, Crasher Wake rushes ahead and they arrive at an open field at sunset. They're startled by glowing eyes in the bushes, which turn out to be a bunch of wild {{p|Croagunk}}. Then, they follow a bunch of Croagunk Trainers to a giant {{p|Croagunk}} Temple. They meet up with Crasher Wake again, who informs them of the [[Pastoria Croagunk Festival]] and the ancient tradition of battling {{p|Croagunk}}, with the leader becoming Champion of the Great Marsh.
{{an|Brock}} intrudes in an argument between [[Nurse Joy]] and [[Hamilton]], a {{tt|brunet| blue green-haired in the first airing of the episode}} male whose Croagunk, Craig, won last year's Croagunk Championship. Brock goes crazy for Nurse Joy, proposing a marriage of their Croagunk, only to be Poison Jabbed by his own Croagunk and dragged off-screen.
{{TRT}} arrives at the Great Marsh. [[James]] recalls his childhood, during which he first met and rescued his {{TP|James|Carnivine}}, who was trapped in the Great Marsh mud.