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In the manga
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
The Rocket Warehouse was first featured in ''[[PS281|Not Exactly Normal]]'' as a location where [[Sird]] and [[Carr]] retreated into after {{adv|Red}}'s battle with {{adv|Deoxys}}. Using the {{p|Unown}} she had released from the [[Tanoby Ruins]], Sird was able to follow Deoxys's movements, further relaying the information to {{adv|Giovanni}}. While she was communicating with her boss, Carr found a photo of a younger Giovanni holding {{adv|Silver|a red-haired boy}}, leading Carr to realize that Giovanni wanted to use Deoxys's divination powers to locate his long-lost son.
Later during the {{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}, {{adv|Bill}} and [[Celio]] raided the Warehouse, recovering the {{key|III|ruby}} and the {{key|III|sapphire}} Team Rocket had positioned into the building in order to allow Deoxys to Forme Change freely. With the gemstones removed from the Warehouse, Deoxys lost its ability to change into its {{DL|Form differences|Deoxys|Normal and Speed Formes}} in the [[Kanto]] region, partially resulting in its defeat by {{adv|Mewtwo}} aboard the Team Rocket air fortress.
The two passwords required to enter the Warehouse in the manga are {{tt|"Examine the {{p|Exeggcute}}" and "Kibbitz with {{p|Kabuto}}"|VIZ Media}}/{{tt|"Execute Exeggcute" and "Oh crab, Kabuto"|Chuang Yi}}.