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Destiny Bond and Focus Punch: new section
The "variations" at the bottom of the page seem strange. It include two moves that work when the user is KO'd and three moves by which the user can KO itself. If anything, I think the last 3 moves should go with Explosion and Selfdestruct instead. [[User:Bbbbbbbbba|Bbbbbbbbba]] ([[User talk:Bbbbbbbbba|talk]]) 14:42, 27 March 2014 (UTC)
== Destiny Bond and Focus Punch ==
What happens if a slower Pokémon uses Destiny Bond, then selects Focus Punch on the next turn, and is knocked out before Focus Punch activates? Does Destiny Bond take effect?
I know if the user moves after the attacker naturally due to lower speed, or selects a negative-priority skill like Avalanche or Roar, Destiny Bond activates if the user is knocked out before its turn. Also, if the user selects a positive-priority skill, whether damaging or not, the effect of Destiny Bond is immediately canceled.
However, since Focus Punch is technically both a positive- and negative-priority skill (user "moves" first, but the attack lands last), does selecting Focus Punch immediately cancel the effect of Destiny Bond?
~ [[User:Solarys|Solarys]] ([[User talk:Solarys|talk]]) 19:47, 14 December 2014 (UTC)