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In the games
Wanda's boyfriend tried to dig the tunnel himself, and almost completed it. After the {{player|main character}} of {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}} gets the {{badge|Dynamo}}, they can use {{m|Rock Smash}} to complete the tunnel and open a path to {{rt|116|Hoenn}}.
Wanda and her boyfriend are thankfully reunited and give the protagonist {{HM|04|Strength}}{{sup/3|RSE|}}/the [[{{DL|Mega Stone|Aggronite]]}}{{sup/6|ORAS|}} as a token of gratitude.
Later in the game, Wanda gives the protagonist a {{DL|Mega Stone|Gardevoirite}}{{sup/6|ORAS|}}. She found two, which one is given to Wally.