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Hoenn Route 118

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Looking at the Hoenn map and based on the description in ORAS indicating that the ocean is right there, this is just an inlet
==Route description==
===Western segment===
From Mauville, the route is straightforward, traveling directly east-west between the city limits and the west bank of the riverinlet. The western half of this path is composed of fieldsgrassy terrain while the eastern portion is a sandy beach.
TheAn shortinlet riverdivides paththe runsroute directlyinto an east-west section and a west section. This inlet contains no Trainerscharacters.
===Eastern segment===
RouteThe 118eastern comesside ashoreof onthe anotherinlet beach containinghas a pair of Fishermen.beach; [[Gabby and Ty]] are often found in the area as well, looking for up-and-coming Pokémon Trainers to battle and interview.
The route continues east, along a northern ledge. After passing through a large patch of grass, Route 118 comes to a three-way intersection. The northern path leads to {{rt|119|Hoenn}}, while the eastern path runs through another large patch of grass, before becoming Route 123.
* The music changes depending on whether the player is in the route's eastern halfpart where the music is the same as {{rt|119|Hoenn}}, or the western halfpart which shares its music with [[Route]]s {{rtn|110|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|111|Hoenn}} (except the desert), {{rtn|112|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|114|Hoenn}}, and {{rtn|117|Hoenn}}.
* In {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, a glitch allowed players to make Aroma Lady Rose walk over the ledge to start a battle. This was corrected in the Spanish versions of Ruby and Sapphire. In {{game|Emerald}}, she was moved to be part of a potential Double Battle, so this is no longer possible.