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About Myself: Eh...this is stuff i just don't want here anymore.
'''Kenji Girl''' (Japanese: '''ケンジガール''' ''Kenji Girl'') has been a user of [[Bulbapedia]] since [[wp:October|October]] [[wp:2006|2006]]. She mostly contributes to the [[Pokémon anime]] sections of Bulbapedia, creating [[character of the day]] articles, and finding the voice actors of the characters. She is the current leader of {{bp|Project Anime}}. Her favorite Pokémon is {{p|Absol}} and she loves [[Tracey Sketchit]].
==AboutHistory Myselfon Bulbapedia==
My real name is '''Samantha'''. I also go under the names of ''SonicAngel948'', ''SatoshiSonic948'', and ''FlyingPochama948''. As you might have guess by those two names I'm also a ''[[wp:Sonic the Hedgehog|Sonic the Hedgehog]]'' fan. The name FlyingPochama comes from one episode of the anime I saw where [[Dawn's Piplup]] appeared to be flying.
I'm a fan of both the games and the anime. Interestingly it was the anime I got into first before I played the game.
Personally I believe I'm a nice person to get to know. I love animals and even work at animal shelter. I'm not a big fan of young kids, though there are still many cool ones out there. I just have had bad experiences with them regarding the animal shelter. Most are loud and whiny and scare the animals. There have been kids I have made friends with from time to time. Mostly, I'm willing to make friends with anyone. The only way that I could become your enemy is if you treat me as such.
I'm a fan of some other things besides Pokémon. I also like other video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, The ''{{wp|Mario}}'' Series, the ''[[Super Smash Brothers]]'' series, ''{{wp|Star Fox}}'', ''{{wp|Dance Dance Revolution}}'', and the ''{{wp|Soul Calibur}}'' series. I'm not a big fan of all that ''{{wp|Final Fantasy}}'' crap. I also hate First-person Shooting games.
My other favorite animes include ''{{wp|InuYasha}}'', ''{{wp|Sailor Moon}}'', ''{{wp|Gatchaman}}'', ''{{wp|Tokyo Mew Mew}}'', ''{{wp|Magic Knight Rayearth}}'', ''{{wp|Sonic X}}'' (the original), and ''{{wp|Blood+}}''. I can't stand ''{{wp|Naruto}}'', ''{{wp|Yu-Gi-Oh!}}'' or ''{{wp|Fullmetal Alchemist}}''. And fans of Naruto ("Narutards") ''really'' annoy me with their complaints of the dub.
I have a low tolerance for flamers and vandals. I tend to get sensitive over discussions of discrimination against people of different races, religions, and sexual orientations and sometimes lose my temper. Especially over the sexual orientation part. I'm not gay but I have friends that are and I become emotional when people say negative things about them or gay couplings. So it's best that you do not discuss them with me if you are against them.
I'm also an artist. I mostly specialize in [[wp:Fan art|fan art]]. Most of it is either related to Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, and other animes. Please visit my account on [ deviantART].
===History on Bulbapedia===
Well I have come a long way from when I first came here. I first started out creating various [[character of the day]] articles that were needed at the time. It still remains one of my top contributions. Most of my edits are dedicated to the Pokémon anime which is also the project I'm in charge of.