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Paul's Electivire

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Personality and characteristics: DP133 and DP134.
Natural of its species, Electivire was aggressive, brutish and nasty from its debut as an Elekid, reflecting Paul’s own attitude. In ''[[DP050|Tag! We're It...!]]''; when {{AP|Pikachu}} approached and greeted it, Elekid, falsely appeared to greet him back, only to hit Pikachu once he turned away, an example of Elekid being nasty for the sake of being nasty. Like Paul, it hates to appear weak and if ever helped, it’d clean the slate but still be annoyed that it was helped, a stubborn trait. Despite the harsh training it undergoes with Paul, Electivire always seems to be happy battling and unlike some of his comrades; {{TP|Paul|Torterra}} who’d help others out of kindness and {{TP|Paul|Honchkrow}} who takes Paul’s harsh words to heart, never shows any resentment to Paul.
[[File:Ash Infernape Paul Electivire.png|thumb|250px|left|Electivire facing Ash's Infernape]]
From the point they met, Electivire had a rivalry with Pikachu and was always keen to wind him up. Similarly, when {{p|Chimchar}} joined Ash’s team, it developed the same kind of rivalry, happily belittling his new found confidence. As an Electabuzz, as shown in ''[[DP134|Evolving Stratagies!]]'' it was amused to see Chimchar had evolved into {{p|Monferno}} and glad to be battling him, it also smirked whenever it activated {{m|Light Screen}}. Towards the end of its time on the show, Electivire gained respect for Infernape as a rival, just as Paul did for Ash, enjoying their battle at the Sinnoh League because Electivire believed {{p|Infernape}} to be a worthy opponent, rather than someone it could just push around.
During Electivire's debut as an Elekid, it had the ability to absorb Electric-type moves without suffering any damage and use the electricity for power. This was shown during Ash's first battle with Paul when Paul wanted Ash to go first.