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Beginning in November 2013, VIZ Media began reissuing the Indigo League episodes once again. There are four boxed sets in total — the first three have nearly the same content as the original boxed sets released between 2006 and 2008, but with different cover artwork; the fourth is a nine-disc set containing the entire Indigo League series in one box.
Volume 3 is currently advertised as containing 26 episodes as opposed to the 27 episodes included in the first edition. Similarly, the complete boxed set is advertised as containing 78 episodes, when 80 episodes in total were dubbed. ''[[EP018|Beauty and the Beach]]'' is expected to be omitted, as it was omitted from previous releases. The other missing episode is speculated to be ''[[Holiday Hi-Jynx]]'', as that episode is also currently absent from {{wp|Netflix}}, but this has not yet been confirmed.
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