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Black sees no point in arguing further and accepts that Cheren is not brainwashed. He remembers how Cheren drilled discipline into him from a young age, most recently at the [[Striaton Gym]], and owes his gratitude to Cheren as he wouldn't have made it this far otherwise. But, he does not agree with Cheren's principles of strength unless he proves it in front of him. Cheren promptly and furiously does so, ordering his Gigalith to use Power Gem again, but the attack fails to fire this time. Cheren looks up and realizes; an odd pink cloud in the sky stopped Gigalith from absorbing sunlight.
Aurea Juniper, [[Fennel]] and [[Amanita]] catch sight of the pink cloud from outside the window of their room, and the latter two exclaim that it is the Dream Mist they've been researching on. In the next moment, both Cheren and Black switch Pokémon. Cheren calls out his Unfezant for Gigalith while Black calls out [[Brav]] for Bo. Both command a {{pm|Sky Attack}}, and the two birds collide with each other.
After a while, the MC climbs onto the rooftop with the help of Drayden's {{p|Druddigon}}. He sees that Unfezant has fainted while Brav is still standing. He also sees with surprise that both Trainers are asleep, and a mysterious pink mist is swirling around them. Meanwhile, Black is having a dream. He sees his five-year-old self with Cheren underneath a tree. He asks Cheren if he remembers this, and Cheren replies that he does. In the scene, young Black is writing his dream in his proposal notebook. He shows it to young Cheren with a grin. Cheren then decides to write down his dream, and both boys burst into laughter once Cheren reveals what he wrote.