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List of Pokémon with form differences

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==Pokémon with multiple forms==
{{Upcoming notice|section}}
In the upcoming [[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]], the player will be able to receive a unique female [[Cosplay Pikachu]], which has a black, heart-shaped mark near the end of its tail. This event occurs after the player takes part in their first [[Pokémon Contest]]. This unique Pikachu is able to be dressed up into five different costumes corresponding to each kind of contest stat ({{OBP|Cool|condition|Coolness}}, {{OBP|Beauty|condition}}, {{OBP|Cute|condition|Cuteness}}, {{OBP|Smart|condition|Cleverness}}, and {{OBP|Tough|condition|Toughness}}) and learn exclusive moves which are linked to these stats. Cosplay Pikachu can switch costumes anytime, though it is currently unknown if it retains the learnt move whenever it switches costumes.