Difference between revisions of "Sunflora (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)"

She is one of the most gifted apprentices at the Guild, as shown when she is chosen to apprehend Haunter, who was thought to be invincible.
She has a rocky relationship with Loudred, shown in both the main storyline and the special episode "Today's Oh My Gosh", the cause of which is never directly revealed, but her diary suggests this might be because Loudred got her knocked out of a dungeon once by storming ofoff recklessly. This is shown in her often making rude remarks about Loudred. An example is when Loudred commented on what he would do if he lost his memory, during the strategy meeting at [[Foggy Forest]], saying it wouldn't matter because he's forgetful anyway. Her diary entries about the events of the special episode, however, state she's warmed up to Loudred a little after this. She still makes the rude remarks to Loudred after this though.