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At the bottom of Dark Crater, they confront Darkrai, who reveals it was him that caused the player's memory loss and transformation into a Pokémon, by attacking him and Grovyle in the time stream. Despite this, the team prepares to battle Darkrai but he offers them the chance to join him and rule the world. It appears the partner takes it, having given up all hope of defeating Darkrai. However, when the player realizes how uncharacteristic the partner's actions are, they attack Darkrai, revealing it was a nightmare {{a|Bad Dreams|induced}} by Darkrai. Darkrai summons a group of Pokémon to assist him in eliminating the group but it proves to be useless.
Following their victory over Darkrai and his followers, Cresselia moves in on the defeated Darkrai to finish him off but Darkrai tries to escape through a Dimensional Hole. Though he is unsure of where, or even when, it will take him, Darkrai is confident that he'll be able to complete his plan in another place and time. Right before Darkrai can enter the Dimensional Hole, Palkia arrives to end Darkrai's meddling once and for all. Tired of Darkrai's threats to the fabric of space, Palkia attacks the DimensionDimensional Hole right after Darkrai enters it, shattering it.
Darkrai is not killed but like the player, has his memory erased and is moved to somewhere else in the world. With his thoughts of world domination erased by this, Darkrai is left to wander the world. He can be encountered in several places after this, similar to other Pokémon players can find in a dungeon. He can be recruited after this.