Difference between revisions of "In the Future of Darkness"

At the Barren Valley Clearing, Dusknoir and the Sableye catch up to Grovyle and are about to attack him when the Sableye start attacking Dusknoir as well. Puzzled by this new development, Dusknoir has no choice but to fight alongside Grovyle. After the Sableye are defeated, he muses over his situation while Grovyle starts to leave. Dusknoir then proposes that he and Grovyle team up temporarily, claiming his need to question his minions and Primal Dialga. Grovyle, though wary, accepts. At the end of the [[Dark Wasteland]], Grovyle sneaks up on a Sableye using {{m|Dig}}, taking him to an isolated place to question him. The Sableye reveals that they are on Primal Dialga's new henchman orders, a "resourceful" Pokémon to be sent to the past in Dusknoir's stead, who has also ordered for Dusknoir's elimination. Enraged, Dusknoir starts attacking the Sableye, venting his frustration by delivering a powerful punch to the rock walls. Dusknoir decides to accompany Grovyle to Temporal Tower. Grovyle agrees, but is concerned about what will happen if Dusknoir decides to side with Primal Dialga and the new henchman.
Arriving at the Temporal Pinnacle, the duo discovers that there nobody is there. Grovyle is confused: to send an agent back to the past, Dialga would need to be inactive for a long time to accumulate enough power to do so. However, Dusknoir recalls that he could also use the Passage of Time in [[Dusk Forest]] to do this. Grovyle suddenly realizes that this would mean that {{mdc|Celebi|2}} is in danger of being captured by Dialga, and rushes to Dusk Forest. In the Black Swamp, they are once again confronted by Sableye. After their defeat, they reveal that Dialga has taken Celebi to [[Frozen Island]], a desolate island to the south. Dusknoir informs Grovyle that the only way to get there is to be transported by the {{p|Porygon}} in [[Spacial Cliffs]]. As they head there, Dusknoir notes that he has begun to regain his strength, which concerns Grovyle, especially after recalling Dusknoir's behavior at the Dark Wasteland.
At the end of the dungeon, Grovyle and Dusknoir find the Porygon, who proceed to warp them to Frozen Island. Here, they find a trio of {{p|Snorunt}} who proceed to play a prank on Grovyle. While angered, he and Dusknoir proceed into [[Dark Ice Mountain]]. At the Pinnacle, Grovyle is almost struck by a falling ice shard, but Dusknoir pushes Grovyle out of the way and takes the hit instead. Before he can recover, however, they are attacked by a group of four {{p|Glalie}} and one {{p|Mamoswine}}. After they are defeated, they hide in a crack in the ice to let Dusknoir rest. As they talk, Dusknoir asks Grovyle why is he so intent in changing the future while knowing he would disappear should he succeed. Dusknoir does not want to disappear, but Grovyle replies by saying that even if he had not changed history, he would eventually not be there anymore. He would have preferred to make his spirit shine in his short life than live a long, unaccomplished life, so that his actions would be remembered and live on. While Dusknoir thinks about these statements, the duo heads out to [[Icicle Forest]]. <br>
However, despite all this, Grovyle still trusts Dusknoir. Although Dusknoir had betrayed him, Grovyle could sense that, through the course of their adventure, Dusknoir's spirit had begun to reform. His siding with Primal Dialga simply came from a desire to not disappear. Grovyle declares that there is no happiness to be found in the dark future. Dusknoir begins to struggle with these feelings, while Grovyle directs the same statement to the Sableye. Soon, the electrical discharge becomes too much for Grovyle and he finally begins to fade away. Dusknoir saves him at the last second. <br>
Everyone is shocked, but soon, Primal Dialga appears and starts attacking Dusknoir for his betrayal. The Sableye attack Dialga, but to no avail, as they are knocked back as well. Grovyle's strength has been completely drained away, and is unable to do anything to help. Spiritomb then flees, freeing Celebi. It is at this point, however, that an aurora suddenly appears in the sky, and a wind starts blowing, showing that time has started to move once more. However, this drives Dialga completely berserk, acting solely on instinct and fleeing to [[Vast Ice Mountain]]. Dusknoir theorizes that his instinct has driven him to destroy the second Passage of Time located at the summit, an act with incalculable consequences. However, Grovyle knows that he is starting to vanish, so the group quickly make their way to the summit. <br>
At the Pinnacle, Grovyle, Dusknoir, and Celebi finally confront Primal Dialga. Dawn is breaking, and Dialga seems to be affected by the flow of time. Suddenly, all four of them start to vanish, which prompts the final battle to begin. As Dialga is defeated, morning finally arrives, and one by one, they start to disappear, starting with Dialga. As Dusknoir is vanishing, he asks whether or not his spirit shone. Grovyle responds that it did, and finally content, Dusknoir vanishes. The sun rises, and Grovyle, with Celebi in his arms, watches the beautiful sight as they vanish together. The world of the future finally starts to move, as everything falls into place once more. <br>