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Triathlete (Trainer class)

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They removed the female Triathletes in ORAS for some reason.
|caption=Male and female Triathlete ({{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 3}}|0=Swimming|1=Biking|2=Running}}) sprite from {{3v2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}
|intro=[[Generation III]]
|games={{3v2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}, {{2v2|Omega Ruby|Alpha Sapphire}}
|gender=Both{{tt|*|Male only in ORAS}}
A '''Triathlete''' (Japanese: '''トライアスリート''' ''Triathlete'') is a type of [[Pokémon Trainer]] that first debuted in the [[Generation III]] games. They come in male and female versions, and are generally men and women in sunglasses and skin-tight workout clothing. The cycling Triathletes seem to be the R/S/E equivalent of {{tc|Biker}}s and {{tc|Cyclist}}s, the running Triathletes seem to complement that of {{tc|Jogger}}s, and the swimming Triathletes are similar to {{tc|Swimmer}}s, although actual Swimmers do also appear in the game.
The return again in {{2v2|Omega Ruby|Alpha Sapphire}}, however only the male variant appears.
Triathletes come in three different varieties, and each type uses different {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}: