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(Japanese: '''ネネ''' ''Nene'') is a [[character of the day]] who appeared in [[XY050]]. She is an aspiring Pokémon Performer who wants to compete in [[Pokémon Showcase]]s.
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} met Nene after {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}} and {{TP|Serena|Pancham}} wonderedwandered into her practice area while fighting. LearningShe first accused the Pokémon of trying to harm hers but the group cleared it up with her. She mentions that she planned on entering Pokémon Showcases in which {{an|Serena}} wasmentioned alsoshe'll ado Performer,the shesame. showedNene offasked Serena and the others to judge her performance routine then asked for critiquing when she was done. Serena noted that her {{p|Farfetch'd}} should dance more in sync with {{p|Smoochum}} and pickedAsh upnoted somethat tipsSmoochum's from{{m|Heart theStamp}} groupcould be flashier. After taking notes, she then asked Serena if she could perform for her for reference.
SinceOnce herSerena {{p|Smoochum}}finished tookher aperformance, likingNene to Pancham, andnoted that itPancham's wasdance alsodidn't goodseem atvery performingcompatible with her, Nene offered to trade her {{pTP|Farfetch'dSerena|Fennekin}}'s todance. SerenaHowever forshe it.did Serenanotice declinedthat however.the Shortlydance afterwas {{TRT}}similar showedto upher inown disguiseSmoochum's anddance. trickedSo hershe intoasked handingSerena Smoochumif Pancham and Farfetch'dSmoochum overcould todo thema indance additionroutine totogether. {{TP|Serena|Fennekin}},Nene Pancham,was andpleased Chespin.with Herthe Pokémonresults wereso eventuallyshe returnedasked toSerena herif aftershe would trade Pancham andto Chespinher werein ableexchange tofor settleone theirof differencesher andPokémon. defeatedSerena Teamdeclined Rockethowever.
AsShortly theafter sun{{TRT}} wasshowed setting,up in disguise with [[Jessie]] posing as a Pokémon choreographer to take advantage of Nene's leftsituation. She enrolled Nene and Serena's Pokémon, as well as Chespin, into a phony dance class to keep their guard down enough to lure them into a trap. Once the grouptrap behindwas butsprung notand beforeTeam wishingRocket forrevealed, SerenaNene demanded her Pokémon be returned to doher. wellHowever, the team took off in their balloon leaving her and the upcomingothers to chase them down. Her Pokémon Showcaseswere eventually returned to her some time later after Pancham and Chespin were able to settle their differences and defended everyone from Team Rocket.
As the sun was setting, Nene shook hands with Serena before she left the group and told her to get ready for the next Pokémon Showcase.
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|desc={{p|Farfetch'd}} is one of two Pokémon Nene is known to have on hand. It performs with {{p|Smoochum}} and one of their routines is known as "Heartbreak". Nene wanted to trade Farfetch'done of her Pokémon to {{an|Serena}} for {{TP|Serena|Pancham}} since it performed well with Smoochum. Hearing that it couldwas possiblymost likely the one to be traded left it feeling nervous until Serena politely declined much to its relief. It was later kidnapped by {{TRT}} along with Smoochum and Serena's Pokémon, as well as [[Clemont's Chespin]]. Farfetch'd used its leek as a guide to find their way back to their Trainers after they had escaped. Farfetch'd and Smoochum were both attacked by {{TP|James|Inkay}} as was [[Serena's Fennekin]] leaving Pancham and Chespin to battle Team Rocket alone. They held them off long enough for Farfetch'd and Smoochum to be reunited with Nene.
Farfetch'd's only known move is {{m|Fury Cutter}}.}}
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