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[[File:RyujiBlake anime.png|thumb|250px|Blake]]
'''Blake''' (Japanese: '''リュウジ''' ''Ryūji'') is one of the [[character of the day|characters of the day]] who appeared in ''[[XY045|Splitting Heirs!]]''. He is the younger brother of {{an|Heath}}.
One year later, {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} met up with Blake in a forest and had a meal with him. Blake explained he had not returned home in a year. Afterwards, {{an|Bonnie}} wandered off and got lost, and was attacked by a group of {{p|Beedrill}}. Although Heath protected her from the attacks, Blake and his Meowstic drove the Beedrill off. Blake and Heath immediately started to quarrel again after the incident, causing Ash and his friends to wonder what was going on. He then joined his brother and Ash and his friends to his home when Heath proposed to rest there. At their home, Blake and Heath met up with their parents for the first time in a long while. They explained to their father they had both become stronger, to which he replied it was time to undergo the trial that had been passed down in their family from generation to generation to choose the next heir of the family. The trial consisted of a treasure hunt on the family's properties. He received help from Ash and {{an|Clemont}}.
[[File:Young RyujiBlake HajimeHeath.png|thumb|left|Young Blake and Heath]]
Blake and Heath both brought several items, but none were the treasure their father was looking for. Their father gave them a couple of hints: the treasure was somewhere outside the mansion and was somehow connected to them. This made Blake remember that when he and Heath were younger, they found some rare flowers and brought them to their parents. He determined these flowers were the treasure. However, hurrying to the location of the flowers, he found out Heath had also thought of this. At the site they were confronted with an angry {{p|Exploud}}. Ash stepped in to battle it, but Blake and Heath said they would take care of it. With good cooperation, they managed to defeat the Exploud. The Exploud was then revealed to belong to their father, who had used it to get Blake and Heath to remember how well they got along in their youth and that their closeness was the family's treasure. The brothers finally reconciled, and afterwards they said their goodbyes to Ash and his friends who continued on their journey.
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