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{{Ash}}, {{AP|Pikachu}}, {{AP|Corphish}}, {{AP|Treecko}} and {{AP|Taillow}} are sitting on the beach with the ocean behind them. Ash the gives the command and he and his Pokémon all dodge out of the way of the wave. {{an|May}} and [[Max]] cheer and {{an|Brock}} says that the food is ready. They are all sitting down to eat as a girl comes in on a wave, surfing. She leaps off her surfboard and introduces herself as {{anho|Shauna}}, [[Brawly]]'s top student and girlfriend. She challenges Ash to a fight, but Ash declines, saying he wants to eat first. Shauna gets mad at this, but then her belly growls, and she collapses in embarrassment. She then heads over to eat.
{{MTR}} is looking out of the sub when he realizes that [[Jessie]] and [[James]] are eating stew. Angry, he walks over to them. Meowth gets over it then tells them about a plan to capture Pikachu.
* {{anho|Shauna}}
====Pokémon debuts====
* {{p|Meditite}}
* [[James]]
* [[Brawly]]
* {{anho|Shauna}}
* {{p|Seviper}} ({{OP|Jessie|Seviper}})
* {{p|Cacnea}} ({{OP|James|Cacnea}})
* {{p|Meditite}} ({{tc|Battle Girl}} {{anho|Shauna}}'s; debut)
* {{p|Hariyama}} ({{OP|Brawly|Hariyama}})
* {{p|Rattata}}
* When Brawly is talking about the storm, Ash disappears for a moment. In the next scene, he reappears.
* When {{anho|Shauna}} introduces herself, she stands barefoot. In the next scene, she is wearing shoes and gloves.
===Dub edits===