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Tierno (Kalos Starter Set 39)

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{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Supporter|expansion={{TCG|Phantom Forces}}|rarity={{rar|Uncommon}}|cardno=107/119|jpdeck={{TCG|Hyper Metal Chain Deck}}|jpcardno=015/018}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Supporter|jpexpansion={{TCG|XY-P Promotional cards}}}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Supporter|jpdeck={{TCG|Super Legend Set: Xerneas-EX & Yveltal-EX}}|jpcardno=019/023}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Supporter|deckkit={{TCG|XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff}}|halfdeck=Bisharp Half Deck|cardno=19/30}}
{{TCGTrainerCardInfobox/Expansion|class=Supporter|deckkit={{TCG|XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff}}|halfdeck=Wigglytuff Half Deck|cardno=26/30}}
==Release information==
This card was first released in the {{TCG|Kalos Starter Set}}, originating from the Japanese {{TCG|XY Beginning Set}}. It was reprinted in the Japanese {{TCG|Collection Y}}. It was later released as an unnumbered Holofoil {{TCG|XY-P Promotional cards|XY-P Promotional card}} available to those who earned 10 Play Points during the Play Corner side events during the Battle Festa event held in December 2013. Two Non Holofoil prints were included in the {{TCG|Xerneas Half Deck}} and the {{TCG|Yveltal Half Deck}}. It was also included in the Japanese {{TCG|M-Charizard-EX Mega Battle Deck}} and {{TCG|Hyper Metal Chain Deck}}. A second unnumbered XY-P Promotional print, this time Non Holofoil, was released as one of five cards for the ''Pokémon Card Game Deck Building Seminar'' being held in Japanese Pokémon Centers from October 25-November 16, 2014 for elementary school-aged children wishing to learn more about deck building. It was later reprinted in the English {{TCG|Phantom Forces}} expansion, the Japanese {{TCG|Super Legend Set: Xerneas-EX & Yveltal-EX}}, as well as both Half Decks of the English {{TCG|XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff}}.
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