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Release information
==Release information==
This card was reprintedreleased in the {{TCG|EXExpedition TeamBase Rocket ReturnsSet}}, andfirst originating from the Japanese {{TCG|EXBase DragonExpansion FrontiersPack}} expansions with a full-frame view of the same artwork by [[Ken Sugimori]]. The cardIt was later reprinted in the English {{TCG|HeartGoldEX &Team SoulSilverRocket Returns}} expansion with new artwork by [[Kanako Eo]]. In Japan, aoriginating holographicfrom promotionalthe versionJapanese of{{TCG|Rocket thisGang printStrikes wasBack}} awardedexpansion, towith thea topfull-frame winnersview of the Pokémonsame Cardartwork Gameby LEGEND Battle[[Ken in September 2009Sugimori]]. It was later reprinted again in the {{TCG|HSEX TrainerDragon KitFrontiers}} andexpansion, originating from the {{TCG|CallShockwave! ofTyranitar Legendsex Constructed Standard Deck}} expansion.
The card was later reprinted in the {{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver}} expansion, originating from the Japanese {{TCG|SoulSilver Collection}}, with new artwork by [[Kanako Eo]]. In Japan, a holographic version was reprinted as one of the {{TCG|L-P Promotional cards}}, and was awarded to the top winners of the Pokémon Card Game LEGEND Battle in September 2009. It was reprinted again in the English Raichu Half Deck of the {{TCG|HS Trainer Kit}} and the {{TCG|Call of Legends}} expansion.