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Chespin (Pokémon)

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Pokédex entries
===Pokédex entries===
{{Dex/Entry1|genv=6X|t=FFF|entry=The quills on its head are usually soft. When it flexes them, the points become so hard and sharp that they can pierce rock.}}
{{Dex/Entry1|xdexv=TheY|entry=Such quillsa onthick itsshell headof arewood usuallycovers soft.its Whenhead itand flexesback them,that theeven pointsa becomedirect sohit hardfrom anda sharptruck thatwouldn't theyfaze can pierce rockit.}}
|ydex=Such a thick shell of wood covers its head and back that even a direct hit from a truck wouldn't faze it.}
===Game locations===