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(Japanese: '''リュウジ''' ''Ryūji'') is one of the [[character of the day|characters of the day]] who appeared in ''[[XY045|Splitting Heirs!]]''. He is the younger brother of {{kal|Hajime}}.
When they were young, Ryūji and Hajime used to go on adventures, often getting themselves scratched up. They used to get along very well, and eventually both got an {{p|Espurr}} from [[Ryūji and Hajime's parents|their father]]. However, after their Espurr both evolved into {{p|Meowstic}}, they started to quarrel often. Wanting to prove himself to his brother and father, he left home to go on a journey.
|img2=Ryuji Meowstic.png
|epname=Splitting Heirs!
|vajp=Yuka Terasaki
|desc={{p|Meowstic}} is Ryūji's only known Pokémon.