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Pikachu (DP-P Promo 98)

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==Release information==
This card was the first of four cards released as part of the ongoing Pokémon 10th Anniversary celebrations in Juneduring 2008-2009. There were five variationsdifferent prints of the card printed, alleach ofwith thema withdifferent artworkillustration by [[Yuka Morii, and each one]] exclusive to a specific Pokémon Center in Japan. Those who shopped at the Pokémon Center from June 16, 2008 until July 31, 2008 received the Pikachu promotional card until supplies ran out. In addition to the promotional card, patrons also received a handout with a survey to complete and return during the distribution of the second promotional card, {{TCG ID|DP-P Promo|Charmander|124}}, starting August 22, 2008. The survey had participants choose between {{p|Meowth}} and {{p|Squirtle}} for the distribution of the third promotional card. Squirtle won out, resulting in the production of {{TCG|DPt-P Promotional cards|DPt-P Promo}} {{TCG ID|DPt-P Promo|Squirtle|9}}.
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