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[[File:Stargazer Colosseum.png|thumb|300px|right|[[Stargazer Colosseum]], host of the '''Masters Battle''']]
The '''Masters Battle''' is a match type in [[Pokémon Battle Revolution]] held in [[Stargazer Colosseum]], after the player wins the Pokétopia Championship. The Masters Battle consists of eight sets of four Trainers, with a [[{{tc|Colosseum Master]]}} heading each set. All the Trainers in the Masters Battle use highly advanced combinations and tactics, and may need a specific approach to defeat. Initially, only Set 1 will be unlocked. The player must beat each Set to unlock the next Set and can re-challenge any unlocked Set at anytime. On a side note, [[Mysterial]]'s team, who appear heading Sets 4 and 8, changes depending on the game used to transfer Pokémon into [[Pokémon Battle Revolution]].
Intelligence in a CPU Trainer has never before been seen on a level such as this. All battles may need to be approached from a different angle in order to win. Above all, none of the [[{{tc|Master Class|Masters Battle Trainers]]}} are to be taken lightly.
The list below contains all known Pokémon, moves, items and Abilities used by each Trainer in '''Masters Battle - Sets 1 through 8'''.