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Pokémon Battle Revolution

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The game features eleven different colosseums, each with special changes to normal play or prerequisites and either a [[{{tc|Colosseum Leader]]}} or [[{{tc|Colosseum Master]]}}. The six Colosseum Leaders wear Pokémon costumes; for example, Marina of the Waterfall Colosseum wears a Kyogre costume. Also, the Crystal Colosseum can hold up to 16 players, the battles are done in a 16 person tournament mode. After beating the Pokétopia Championship, the player is given a {{p|Pikachu}} with {{m|Volt Tackle}}, {{m|Surf}}, and a held [[Light Ball]] (such a Pikachu is impossible for a player to make by normal means). Each level rule (Level 30 Open and Level 50 All) for a Colosseum has a specific ranking, which goes up as the player wins. As the rank increases, the Trainers become stronger and the Poké Coupon rewards become greater. Around Rank 7, the Leaders, and even Trainers, will begin to use [[legendary Pokémon]].
*[[Gateway Colosseum]]