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Cipher Peon (Trainer class)

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A '''Cipher Peon''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|シャドー戦闘員|シャドーせんとういん}}''' ''Shadow Combatant'') is a type of [[Pokémon Trainer]] that first debuted in the [[Generation III]] games, appearing in {{g|Colosseum}} and {{Pokémon XD}}. They are [[Cipher]]'s equivalent of the Grunt class used by other [[villainous teams]].
In Colosseum, male Peons wear blue outfits, while females wear purple. In XD, both genders wear white and black outfits with a red scarf. Some higher ranking male Peons are much more muscular than typical male Peons.
Cipher Peons are unique among other Trainer classes in that they are not often visible on the field, instead dropping down from the ceiling to ambush the player and take them by surprise. Like many of [[Orre]]'s Trainer classes, they don'tdo not specialize in any particular strategy or Pokémon, but they often have a [[Shadow Pokémon]].
Along with Team Snagem's members, they are the only low-ranked members of an evil organization given individual names.