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Mirror Team Rocket

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This page refers to Mirror Team Rocket, as in the Team Rocket trio. Meowth is not a Pokémon that the TRio owns, he IS part of the TRio instead.
===Mirror World Team Rocket===
|trainer=Mirror World Team Rocket
|img=Mirror World Team Rocket.png
|epname=The Cave of Mirrors!
|vajp=Inuko Inuyama
|vaen=Carter Cathcart
===Mirror World Jessie===
|desc={{p|Wobbuffet}} is Mirror World Jessie's only known Pokémon.
When the regular Team Rocket encountered Mirror Team Rocket, Wobbuffet came out of its [[Poké Ball]] as Mirror Team Rocket cited their motto. Not much is known about how much Mirror World Wobbuffet's personality differs from [[Jessie's Wobbuffet|the regular world's Wobbuffet]], although it is shown to havebow after emerging, instead of touching its hand to its forehead. It also has a distinctly deeper voice than normal Wobbuffet.
None of Wobbuffet's moves are known.}}