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Generation VI
===Generation VI===
In [[Pokémon X and Y]], televisions show a variety of different programs. Unlike in Generation V, The television shows that are broadcast do not depend on the in-game time and are completely random (though you will never watch the same program twice in a row). If youthe player watchwatches the same television and dodoes not exit the room, repeats of an episode youthey have already watched won't reappear. If all episodes of a program have been watched, the television broadcast will skip that program entirely and move on to another un-watched program; these cannot be viewed again until youthe exitplayer exits the room.
Shows that are broadcast include:
*Nadia Reports (note this show is not given a title)
In Gym Freaks, the Gym Leader April interviews will always be rotated around in a certain order every time, moving in Badge order from the one you started atbeginning. Each Gym Leader has two different possible commentaries, and after one of these is watched the other one can be viewed after cycling though the other Gym Leaders until youthe comeplayer backreturns to same Gym Leader youthey started with.
==In the anime==