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List of clothing in the anime

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Other outfits
===Side outfits===
====Other outfits====
* Clemont's pajamas were seen in ''[[XY007|Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!]]'' and, ''[[XY009|Clemont's Got a Secret!]]'', and [[XY043]] including a nightcap and long-sleeved shirtnightshirt with blue and light blue stripes.
* In ''[[XY018|Awakening the Sleeping Giant]]'', Clemont is shown to wear a white sleeveless undershirt and light blue striped bloomers underneath his jumpsuit.
* During his dating video in ''[[XY021|A PokéVision of Things to Come!]]'', Clemont dressed up in a ''habit à la française'', a style of suit popular during the 18th century. It consists of a blue longcoat, teal waistcoat and breeches, orange cravat, white shirt, long white socks, and blue shoes.