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2011-12 Modified format (TCG)

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==Rotated expansions==
*{{TCG|Majestic''Diamond Dawn}}& Pearl Series''
* {{exp|Majestic Dawn}} {{TCG|LegendsMajestic AwakenedDawn}}
* {{exp|Legends Awakened}} {{TCG|StormfrontLegends Awakened}}
* {{exp|Stormfront}} {{TCG|PlatinumStormfront}}
*{{TCG|Rising''Platinum Rivals}}Series''
* {{TCGexp|SupremePlatinum}} Victors{{TCG|Platinum}}
* {{TCGexp|Platinum:Rising ArceusRivals}} {{TCG|ArceusRising Rivals}}
* {{exp|Supreme Victors}} {{TCG|PokémonSupreme RumbleVictors}}
*Black Star Promos{{exp|Arceus}} {{TCG|DPPlatinum: Black Star PromosArceus|DP22 and upArceus}}
* {{TCG|Pokémon Rumble}}
''{{TCG|Black Star Promos}}''
* {{TCG|DP Black Star Promos}} cards numbered DP22 and higher
==Legal expansions==
*{{TCG|''HeartGold & SoulSilver}} Series''
* {{exp|HeartGold and SoulSilver}} {{TCG|UnleashedHeartGold & SoulSilver}}
* {{exp|Unleashed}} {{TCG|UndauntedUnleashed}}
* {{exp|Undaunted}} {{TCG|TriumphantUndaunted}}
* {{TCGexp|CallTriumphant}} of Legends{{TCG|Triumphant}}
*{{TCG|Black''Call &of White}}Legends Series''
* {{exp|Call of Legends}} {{TCG|EmergingCall of PowersLegends}}
* {{TCG|NobleHS Trainer VictoriesKit}}
*{{TCG|Next''Black Destinies}}& White Series''
* {{exp|Black and White}} {{TCG|DarkBlack & ExplorersWhite}}
* {{TCGexp|HSEmerging TrainerPowers}} {{TCG|Emerging KitPowers}}
* {{TCGexp|BlackNoble &Victories}} White Trainer{{TCG|Noble KitVictories}}
*Black Star{{exp|Next PromosDestinies}} {{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos|HGSS01 andNext upDestinies}}
*Black Star{{exp|Dark PromosExplorers}} {{TCG|BW Black Star Promos|BW01 andDark upExplorers}}
* {{TCG|McDonald'sBlack & White Trainer CollectionKit}}
*''{{TCG|McDonald'sBlack CollectionStar 2012Promos}}''
* {{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos}} cards numbered HGSS01 and higher
* {{TCG|BW Black Star Promos}} cards numbered BW01 and higher
''{{TCG|McDonald's Collection}}''
* {{TCG|McDonald's Collection 2011}}
* {{TCG|McDonald's Collection 2012}}
*2012 National Championships
*[[2012 World Championships]]
==See also==
* [[Rotation (TCG)]]
* {{TCG|Modified format}}
* {{TCG|Expanded format}}
* [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]
* [[Pokémon Trading Card Game Online]]
[[Category: TCG tournament format]]