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White Forest

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* The Pokémon that can appear here correspond to the specific team of the NPC who generates that Pokémon in Black City.
* If the player takes too long to visit White Forest after beating the Unova Elite Four and Champion, all of the residents (and Pokemon they bring into the forest with them) could be gone by the time you get there. Thereby, it is recommended the player visits White Forest as soon as they can.
** Messing with the clock on the Nintendo DS or "time traveling" will further reduce the time you have to get there.
* If the player invites people from either Black City or White Forest to go to their game and talks to them, they will say they met the player from the game they came from, even if he/she hasn't reached that location yet.
* White Forest is the only forest in the Pokémon games to contain a Pokémon Center.
** It is also the only forest that can be {{m|Fly|flown to}}.
* WheneverIf White Forest is visited in Pokémon White for the first time, the first patch of grass or the first water tile that the player enters will always result in an encounter with a Wild Pokémon.
* With Game Freak discontinuing service to it's Generation Five games, as of As of January 14, 2014, it is no longer possible to bring in new residents to White Forest or any other Generation Five game.
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