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====Red, Blue and Yellow====
=====Pokémon Tower=====
:''"Heh? You came to save me? Thank you. But, I came here of my own free will. I came to calm the soul of CUBONE's mother. I think MAROWAK's spirit has gone to the afterlife. I must thank you for your kind concern! Follow me to my home, POKéMON HOUSE at the foot of this tower."''
=====Lavender Town=====
*After returning from Pokémon Tower
:''"<player>. Your POKéDEX quest may fail without love for your POKéMON. I think this may help your quest."''
*If the player doesn't have room for more items
:''"You must make room for this!"''
*After giving the player the Poké Flute
:''"Upon hearing POKé FLUTE, sleeping POKéMON will spring awake. It works on all sleeping POKéMON."''
*Subsequent visits
:''"Has my FLUTE helped you?"''
====Gold, Silver and Crystal====
:''"Welcome. Hmm... You appear to be raising your POKéMON in a kind and loving manner. POKéMON lovers come here to pay their respects to departed POKéMON. Please offer condolences for the souls of the departed POKéMON. I'm sure that will make them happy."''