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[[File:Mirror World Team Rocket.png|200px250px|thumb|Mirror World Team Rocket]]
'''Mirror World Team Rocket''' (Japanese: '''鏡の国ロケット団''' ''Mirror World Rocket-dan'') are [[Character of the day|characters of the day]] who appeared in ''[[XY037|The Cave of Mirrors!]]''. They are the [[Mirror World]] counterparts of {{TRT}}. Their personalities are opposite to that of the regular [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{TR|Meowth}}, as they are heroes of justice who fight criminals and evildoers.
==Voice actors==
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|ja='''Mirror World Jessie:''' 林原めぐみ ''[[Megumi Hayashibara]]''<br>
'''Mirror World James:''' 三木眞一郎 ''[[Shin'ichirō Miki]]''<br>