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[[File:XY Prerelease Axew horde.png|220px|thumb|A horde of Axew]]
A '''Horde Encounter''' (Japanese: '''群れバトル''' ''Herd Battle'') is a type of [[Pokémon battle]] introduced in {{g|X and Y}}. A Horde EncountersEncounter originallyinvolves always consistedone of the appearanceplayer's ofPokémon afacing groupfive ofopponents fiveat wildonce. In Pokémon. HoweverX and Y, asthis ofwas restricted to wild Pokémon, but in {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}, there is also another type of it, in which the player fights with multiplefive Trainers instead.may Unlikealso wild [[Double Battle]]s, Pokémonengage in a wild horde arebattle usually ofwith the same species, but may include a single instance of a similar Pokémon or counterpart of a different speciesplayer.
In wild Horde Encounters, all Pokémon are usually of the same species, but in some cases, one of them may instead be a counterpart or a similar Pokémon to the majority. The Pokémon in hordes are at approximately half the [[level]] of other Pokémon in the same area and in some routes may be a lower [[evolution]]ary stage of a Pokémon that normally inhabitinhabits the area (such as a horde of {{p|Geodude}} occurring in areas dominated by {{p|Graveler}}). Pokémon encountered in hordes may also have their [[Ability#Hidden Abilities|Hidden Ability]]. Some Pokémon can only be found in hordes.
Not all locations have wild hordes, but where they exist, hordes may be randomly encountered at approximately a 5% rate in [[tall grass]] or flowers (but not in {{DL|tall grass|long grass}}) or in caves. Horde Encounters can also be purposefully initiated by using [[Honey]] or {{m|Sweet Scent}}; however, Honey and Sweet Scent will not cause a wild encounter if the overworld [[Weather conditions|weather]] is not clear. As in all wild battles, a Trainer cannot throw a [[Poké Ball]] unless there is only one wild Pokémon remaining.
==Mixed hordes==
[[File:XY Prerelease Tauros horde.png|220px|thumb|A mixed-species horde of {{p|Tauros}} and {{p|Miltank}}]]
In all cases of mixed hordes, four of one Pokémon species will appear, joined by one of another species.
==={{g|X and Y}}===
* A {{p|Plusle}} horde on {{rt|5|Kalos}} will always include one {{p|Minun}} in Pokémon X, and vice versa in Pokémon Y.
===Mixed hordes with enemy species===
If a mixed horde includesconsists of {{p|Zangoose}} and {{p|Seviper}} or {{p|Heatmor}} and {{p|Durant}}, the wilddifferent Pokémonspecies will ignoredirect attacks at each other instead of at the player's Pokémon; instead,if eachpossible. PokémonThe willexception attackto thethis Pokémonis of[[status themove]]s othersuch speciesas with{{m|Leer}} thethat exceptioncannot oftarget status movesallies. Once all the Pokémon of one species have fainted, the rest of the horde will begin attacking the player's Pokémon.
UnlikeIn incontrast to Triple Battles, therePokémon attacking each other in a horde ishave no range limit; a Pokémon in a far-left position can attack a Pokémon in a far-right position.
== List of Horde Encounters ==
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