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<p style="font-size:150%">Hello. My name is Bailey. I'm am a '''writer'''-ish for '''Bulbanews'''. If(see youbelow havefor ''any''what basicI questions,mean). '''''please'''''I runam themnot byreally me.on Myhere superiorsoften, areand extraso busyit allwill thetake time,me anda Isecond canto probablyrespond helpto anything you withneed. whateverBut youI needwill respond...eventually!</p>
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==A few introductory things==
IGosh, canthis be incredibly shy and introvertedused to thosebe Ia don'treally know,silly orpage whenof tryingmine. toSee getthis involvedpage's inhistory aand newyou communitywill likehave this,an so"about Ime" apologizefrom ifwhen I'm notwas goingdepressed outand oflonely myand waydid tonothing talkwith tomy too many peoplelife. It'sThe notpage thatwas Ia don'tlittle likepathetic. you,But Imany promise.things It'shave justchanged howin Ithese roll,past evenfew onyears! the webernet.
In April of 2013, I'm awent collegefrom student"yeah planningI tohate majorChristians" into mathematics"yeah andI economics.think I stayam fairlykind upof toa dateChristian" withto currentbeing events,what andmost readpeople economicwould researchprobably inconsider myto freebe time,a sohardcore Christian. I'm alwaystry interestedvery hard to chatnot be "in your face" about thatit, especially over the internet, but I apologize if you're interested.are Asbothered muchby asit Iat hateany hashtags,time. IIt's mustjust say,who #losersunite!I am.
I'm luckya enoughstudent about to havegraduate athis veryupcoming beautifulDecember girlfriendwith (ina realbachelor life,of notscience onin theeconomics internet)and whoa Iminor reintroducedin tomath. PokémonSo whenas weyou begancan dating.tell, Now sheI's trapped withm the gamelife justof likethe meparty. (:
I really don't tolerate drama, ESPECIALLY over the internet. If needed, I can settle disputes, but if you're looking to pick an internet fight, you won't get one out of me. Not my style. I think it's silly.
Not sure how much you guys know about gaming outside of here, but I have a very loose connection to the OpTic gaming team, and there is a slim chance I will be joining their team (as a creative strategist and public relations master, NOT player) as OpTic 3.14 (told you I'm a nerd). No clue whether or not this will go through, but hey, I'm always optimistic.
==My Pokéhistory==
I've been playing Pokémon since it became international in 1998. My first Pokémon game was Red version, and the first Pokémon I ever picked was Charmander. That is why he is by far my favorite Pokémon(and before the h8ers get to me, I know, Charizard is overrated in competitive battling). I owned Red, Blue, and Yellow, and eventually compeltedcompleted my Blue version Pokédex with all 151 Pokémon (including the event Mew released at the 1999 movies). So yeah, I've been in this mess since the beginning.
I loved Gen. II, and Gen III. was not bad, but Gen IV. was the one to challenge my relationship with Pokémon the most. I did not enjoy Pokémon Diamond very much at all, causing me to take a brief hiatus from Pokémon. However, when HGSS came out, I knew it was time to come back, and that's when I truly got introduced into the more "serious" world of Pokémon via Smogon, Bulbapedia, etc. That's when I really started becoming a Pokémon superfan beyond just playing the games.
Nowadays, I am on and off in the Pokémon fan community. Life has come and I don't have as much time as I used to. But that doesn't mean my love for Pokémon has died down at all!
==Current Pokéstatus==
I'm currently working on trying to completecompleted the entire Pokédex. I'm two-thirds through thein Black and White Pokédex, andwhich plan on replaying FireRed, SS, Ruby, and then Diamond (ugh) to try to capture the Pokémon from all across the Pokémon world. It's gonna takewas a hecklot of afun. lotI ofam migrationnot andsuper transferringcommitted, but my goal istrying to complete the entire Pokédex byin theX end ofand 2011Y.
In terms of competitive Pokémon, I don't really do too much. I refuse to use gameshark, rng abuse, Pokésav, or anything of that sort (breeding was made difficult for a reason) so even when I do take a long time to create my teams, I don't win much anyways. I'm currently not accepting battle requests, unless you want to battle on a simulator like good ol' Shoddy Battle (...or even the more modern ones I suppose).
IIn wouldterms beof happycompetitive toPokémon, tradeI withdon't anybodyreally thatdo needstoo anything or just wants to trademuch. However, I cannotplayed helpa youlittle ifat youthe areend lookingof for aGen ArceusIV, Darkrai,but Deoxys,really Jirachi,don't orhave Shayamin.the Astime previouslyto stated,do Iit onlytoo want/havetoo legitmuch. Pokémon,It's whicha haslot resultedof infun mewhen beingI superdo paranoiddecide ofto tradinguse witha anygood otheronline player.emulator Ilike takePokémon greatshowdown pride(assuming inthat's tryingwhat tothe havekids aare 100%still legitdoing completedthese Pokédexdays).