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Legendary Collection TCG Series merchandise

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:''This page no longer includes the merchandise for the {{TCG|DiamondMerchPrevNext & Pearl}} Series, the {{TCG|Platinum}} Series,prev=Neo the {{TCG|HeartGold &next=e-Card SoulSilver}} Series, the {{TCG|Call of Legends}} Series, or the {{TCG|Black & White}} Series. It is progressively being phased out in favor of merchandise pages organized by Series rather than type. For merchandise from these three Series, please refer to [[:Category:Pokémon Trading Card Game merchandise|this page accordingly]].''
{{-}}AsContaining wellonly asone producingexpansion, uniquethe or{{TCG|Legendary variantCollection}} cardsSeries availableof at events,the [[NintendoPokémon Trading Card Game]] has alsoan releasedextremely severallimited varietiesamount of promotionalmerchandise itemsassociated inwith which to deliver special cardsit. SuchUnlike mediumsother includeSeries, [[Valuethe packsLegendary &Collection setsSeries (TCG)|valuedoes packs,not boxhave sets]] andany collector's tins. Theor listvalue below focuses on collector tinsboxes, each of which contain a promotional card and boosteronly packscontains fromthe recenttwo Expansions.{{TCG|Theme TheDeck}}s itemsfor arethe listed in (roughly) chronological order and contain details ofLegendary theirCollection contentsexpansion.
==EXLegendary SeriesCollection releasesTheme Decks==
===EXReleased Serieson CollectorMay 24, 2002, {{TCG|Legendary Collection}} brought with it a pair of {{TCG|Theme Deck}}s, featuring the Mouse Pokémon {{p|Raichu}} and the Flame Pokémon {{p|Charizard}}. Raichu's Tin===Theme Deck, {{TCG|Turmoil}}, features {{ct|Water}} and {{ct|Lightning}} Pokémon while Charizard's {{TCG|Lava}} Theme Deck features {{ct|Fire}} and {{ct|Fighting}} Pokémon. Each Theme Deck came packaged with a metal {{TCG|coin}} as well as a rulebook, damage counters, and card list. Each deck also came with one random Burst Reverse Holofoil card from the expansion.
[[File:EX Series Collector Tin.jpg|right|thumb|135px|EX Collector's Tin]]
This tin was released in November 2003 and was the first Collector's Tin to be released by Nintendo. As the general collector's tin, with a window display and hexagonal design, did not debut until 2006, this collector's tin instead was rectangular and lacked a window.
'''PromotionalProduct cardsimages:'''
*{{TCGTCGMerchGallery ID|Nintendo Promo|Pikachu|12}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 012)
*background={{TCGRed ID|Nintendo Promo|Meowth|13color}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 013)
'''Contents:'''border={{Blue color}} |
*''{{TCG|EXimage1=LC1 RubyTurmoil &Deck.jpg Sapphire}}'' booster packs (×3)|
*''caption1={{TCG|EX SandstormTurmoil}}'' booster packs (×2)|
*Double-sidedimage2=LC1 posterLava Deck.jpg |
caption2={{TCG|Lava}} |
===EX Series Deck Tins===}}
[[File:EXDeckTin.jpg|right|thumb|135px|EX Deck Tins]]{{-}}
These tins were released in October 2004 and were the first tins to be released in a number of different designs. They were designed to hold a 60-card deck in sleeves as well as other items, such as counters, markers, coins and dice. Their designs were based on Japanese booster pack artwork from ''{{TCGDoubleProjectTag|EX Sandstorm|Miracle of the Desert}}'', ''{{TCG|EX DragonMerchandise|Rulers of the Heavens}}'',[[Pokémon ''{{TCG|EXTrading TeamCard MagmaGame]] vs Team Aqua|Magma VS Aqua: Two Ambitionsmerchandise.}}'' and ''{{TCG|EX FireRed & LeafGreen|Flight of Legends}}''.
'''Promotional cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Treecko|16}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 016)
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Torchic|17}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 017)
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Mudkip|18}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 018)
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Whismur|19}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 019)
*EX Series booster packs (×2)
*Sticker sheet matching tin design
===Collector's Carry Tin===
[[File:EX Collector Carry Tin.jpg|right|thumb|135px|EX Collector's Carry Tin]]
This tin was released in 2005 and is a unique item amongst Nintendo's promotional items. It features a carry handle, a latch and is the largest tin to be released to date. It is the same tin that was used for the Japanese ''{{TCG|Emerald Gift Set}}'' in 2004. The tin art features a battle between {{p|Deoxys}} and {{p|Rayquaza}}, as depicted in ''[[M07|Destiny Deoxys]]''.
'''Promo cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Celebi|29}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 029)
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Suicune|30}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 030)
*EX Series booster packs (×3)
===Holiday 2005 Collector's Tins===
Following the success of their previous collector tins and responding to the feedback from the community, Nintendo released the first wave of new "window tins", in which people could see the promotional card included. The tins feature Japanese art from various sets along the side.
These tins were also the first to be released under the schedule in which the tins now become available: excluding Spring 2006 and irregular standalone tins, tins are released every year in Spring and Fall (though the latter was classed Holiday until the Fall 2009 Collector's Tins).
'''Promotional cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Moltres ex|31}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 031)
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Articuno ex|32}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 032)
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Zapdos ex|33}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 033)
*''{{TCG|EX Team Rocket Returns}}'' booster pack (×1)
*''{{TCG|EX Deoxys}}'' booster pack (×1)
*''{{TCG|EX Unseen Forces}}'' booster pack (×1)
===Holiday 2006 Collector's Tins===
[[File:EXTin3.jpg|right|thumb|Holiday 2006 Collector's Tins]]
These tins were the first to have specifically-designed lids to distinguish between each other and the available promotional card inside each.
'''Promotional cards:'''
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Kyogre ex|37}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 037)
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Groudon ex|38}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 038)
*{{TCG ID|Nintendo Promo|Rayquaza ex|39}} ({{TCG|Nintendo Black Star Promos|Nintendo Promo}} 039)
*''{{TCG|EX Emerald}}'' booster packs (×2)
*''{{TCG|EX Crystal Guardians}}'' booster packs (×2)
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