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Froakie would later conflict with Hawlucha in [[XY038]]. In the wake of learning {{m|Cut}}, Ash and {{an|Clemont}} decided to have a battle where Froakie and Hawlucha battled against {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}} and {{TP|Clemont|Bunnelby}}. Ash commanded Hawlucha to use {{m|Karate Chop}} to counter Bunnelby's {{m|Mud Shot}} but Froakie used Water Pulse on Bunnelby, angering Hawlucha since Froakie, and not itself, had hit Bunnelby. The dispute later escalated causing them to be separated by Ash. In an attempt to diffuse the tension, Ash decided to try and train the two into using a new move called "Super Flying Cut". During this, Ash gets kidnapped by a wild {{p|Trevenant}} and both Froakie and Hawlucha get separated from the rest of the group. After finding [[Ash's hat]], the two resolved their differences and sought to find their trainer. After finding him, they battled Team Rocket, overcoming their Pokémon with their special move and blasting them off. Froakie and Hawlucha settled their argument and gave each other a fist bump, solidifying their new friendship.
In [[XY039]], Froakie had a First-Touch-Battle against [[Tierno]]'s Squirtle. Froakie started off with a {{m|Water Pulse}} and Squirtle dodged it easily. Then Ash commanded Froakie to use Water Pulse again, but the {{p|Squirtle}} was to fast and ran to Froakie. Squirtle touched Froakie and Froakie's Water Pulse broke.
==Personality and characteristics==