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* The English title of this episode is a pun of the phrase ''nerves of steel''.
* This is the first episode since ''[[EP147|The Fire-ing Squad!]]'' that Jessie's Wobbuffet did not appear, making it, at the time, the Pokémon with the fourth-longest appearance streak, behind Pikachu, Meowth and Togepi, and the longest appearance streak of a Pokémon that is kept in a Poké Ball.
**Ths is only true if we count voice as an appearance, since Jessie's Wobbuffet did not appear physically on episodes ''[[EP183|Trouble's Brewing]]'' and ''[[EP185|The Light Fantastic]]'', but his voice was heard.
* This is the second episode in which Brock imitates Dexter (Ash's Pokédex) when describing a girl, the first being ''[[EP128|The Whistle Stop]]''.
* Music from ''[[PK04|Pikachu's Rescue Adventure]]'' can be heard in the beginning of the episode.