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In the games: first rematch he has raticate, it says it on the page
He is first seen battling with another {{tc|Youngster}}, Mikey, and blocking [[Johto Route 30|the route]]. After the player delivers the {{key|II|Mystery Egg}} to [[Professor Elm]], Joey is done with battling after his apparent loss to Mikey. He is now ready to challenge the {{player}} with his {{p|Rattata}}. After the battle, he gives out his [[Pokégear]] number and hence can be [[rematch]]ed. After every rematch, Joey will give out an [[HP Up]] to the player.
In {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}, Joey greatly emphasises the fact that he only raises one Pokémon, his {{p|Rattata}} ({{p|Raticate}} from the thirdfirst rematch and onwards), claiming that it is in the "top percentage of {{p|Rattata}}."