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Dragon Stones

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In the manga: tense consistency
The Light Stone and Dark Stone resided at the [[Desert Resort]], where they were found and excavated by [[Clay]] and his mining team. After investigating the stones, he felt worried and called [[Lenora]] to come and investigate them with her expertise on ancient artifacts. Lenora took both stones to her museum, but only made the Dark Stone discovery public so that the Light Stone could be kept a secret. Later, Lenora called [[Drayden]] to help her investigate the stones, which helped them realize that they were actually Zekrom and Reshiram.
The Dark Stone was sought out by Team Plasma, who managed to steal it after deceiving {{adv|Black}}. The Dark Stone was taken to N, who awakened Zekrom at the Dragonspiral Tower and converted it to his side to become the [[Heroes of Truth and Ideals|Hero of Ideals]]. The Light Stone rolled towards Black and chose him to wield Reshiram as the [[Heroes of Truth and Ideals|Hero of Truth]]. Later, Reshiram was awakened at the {{un|Pokémon League}}, where Black used it to battle N's Zekrom and won. After the battle iswas over and Team Plasma hashad been defeated, Reshiram startsstarted reverting into its stone form once again. [[Ghetsis]], wanting to get revenge on Black for foiling his plans, usesused [[Colress]]'s {{p|Beheeyem}} to push Black closer to the forming stone, causing him to get sucked into it tooas well. The Light Stone then fliesfloated away, leaving Black's current whereabouts a mystery.