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"All of a sudden, Ash gets kidnapped" is still past tense and fits better than "All of a sudden, Ash got kidnapped"
In ''[[XY035|The Forest Champion!]]'', Froakie was used to battle a wild {{AP|Hawlucha}} Ash had befriended when he did not want to use Pikachu. Due to Hawlucha's aerial mobility and speed it easily dodged Froakie's Water Pulse, but Froakie then used Double Team to counter Hawlucha's {{m|High Jump Kick}} causing it to miss and cause Hawlucha recoil damage. Froakie then climbed rocks in an attempt to match Hawlucha's aerial speed but failed, this caused Froakie to fall in the water. Afterwards it used a Double Team - Pound combination in an attempt to hit Hawlucha, but Hawlucha used its speed and climbed up the tree and dodged the attacks, after landing on the ground, Hawlucha used {{m|Flying Press}}, which Froakie countered with Pound at the last minute causing a collision which knocked out both Pokémon. This ended the battle in a draw. Later Froakie was seen when Ash captured Hawlucha.
In [[XY038]], Froakie learned {{m|Cut}} while training. Ash and {{an|Clemont}} decided to have a battle. Clemont chose that it would be a double battle. Froakie and Hawlucha battled against {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}} and {{TP|Clemont|Bunnelby}}. Ash commanded Hawlucha to use {{m|Karate Chop}} to counter Bunnelby's {{m|Mud Shot}} and Froakie used Water Pulse on Bunnelby, however, Hawlucha got a bit angry because Froakie, and not itself, had hit Bunnelby, and later in the battle, Froakie let Chespin's {{m|Pin Missile}} hit Bunnelby, who fainted. Then Hawlucha attacked Froakie, who defended himself. Ash told them to stop, and came up with the idea to learn a new special duo move called "Super Flying Cut". All of a sudden, Ash gotgets kidnapped by a wild {{p|Trevenant}}. Froakie and Hawlucha followed their Trainer and became trapped, which separated them from the group and {{AP|Pikachu}}. They found [[Ash's hat]] and Froakie gave it to Hawlucha. Afterwards, they found out that Trevenant was only looking for help because Team Rocket had trapped its friends. Ash and the group found each other and Froakie and Hawlucha battled the enemies with their special move, blasting them off. Froakie and Hawlucha settled their argument and gave each other a fist bump, a sign of their new friendship.
==Personality and characteristics==